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Stay in Harmony

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We embarked on our mission on sustainability with hope and motivation and are moving forward by collaborating with our guests, team and business partners.


Sustainable Management Plan

Tasigo hotels are developing an advanced model of hospitality, for which environmental friendliness is more important than consumption. Every day, all employees contribute to a more sustainable business by taking care of the guests and the planet.

The Stay in Harmony project is the slogan of all environmental policies implemented in Tasigo hotels. At Tasigo hotels, through environmentally friendly methods, we hope to create a model of hospitality in which friendliness and attentive service prevail over excessive consumption.


Sustainability Guide

We are driven to progress on the journey towards a more sustainable hotel that we embarked on with our guests, team and business partners with hope and motivation. Our efforts, along with those who follow us, will proceed by prioritizing respect for nature and working for a greener world.


Tasigo Ethical Code

We work meticulously to achieve a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics by blending the legacy of the past with today's modern lines in all Tasigo hotels. We produce creative solutions to create a unique style and character in each Tasigo hotel. We constantly strive for innovation to provide our guests with an experience beyond their expectations.


Single Use Plastic Policy

As the Tasigo family, we are committed to our Stay in Harmony program to preserve the beauty that nature has given us and leave a clean world for future generations. We strictly adhere to waste management regulations in every country we operate in and work tirelessly to reduce single-use plastics because respecting the beauty of nature and creating a sustainable world for future generations is very important to us. We take care to reflect these values in every detail we design and invite you to join us on this loving journey.

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